Abbotsford Grand Squares

The Fun Club with Heart

Heather Reynolds - Our Caller, Cuer, Teacher

If ever there was anyone born to be a caller and cuer, Heather Reynolds is that person.

While Heather is still young, (in her early 30s), she has made a BIG name for herself in the square dance world. Many people have a great voice, many have a great way of calling a dance, but few have it all wrapped up in one person. Heather has!

She's also something of a child prodigy beginning calling when she was eight years old! Soon she was calling for the Preteen Level. For the next 11 years, she competed in the annual Pacific Northwest Teen Square Dance Festival and came home each year with awards for her Calling, Cueing, Square Dancing and Round Dancing. By the age of 14 she was calling at adult events.

In 2001, Heather's father (Blair Wallace), took on the role as the editor of the Valley Circle and became a regular figure in Heather's square dance life. He would later take on additional roles with the Fraser Valley Square & Round Dance Association. As partners, Heather and her dad became a regular feature at club nights as Heather was still too young to drive herself to the dances where she was calling and cueing.

In the Summer of 2003, Heather completed a Callers Training School in Chase, BC with Steve Edlund. That same summer, Heather called and cued her first full afternoon dance at the Abbotsford Summer Dancing. This is when Heather feels she became a Professional Square Dance Caller. She is currently the full time Caller for Abbotsford Grand Squares. Heather also calls for special dances throughout BC and Washington,

We feel very lucky to have Heather as our caller!