Abbotsford Grand Squares

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What Is Square Dancing

Square dancing is a social activity where groups of eight people dance by interacting through a series of movements as "called" by the square dance caller. It is a healthy (both for mind and body), very social and fun activity. Square dancers often describe it as "friendship set to music." Square dancers learn the movements by joining a square dance club where the basics are taught. Once dancers have learned the calls, they can dance at any club or square dance event around the world. There are several levels of dance, including Beginners, Mainstream, Plus, Advanced and Challenge.

There are approximately seven thousand square dancers in British Columbia and 150 square dance clubs.

Some common questions

Is it expensive?

No. It is a very reasonably priced and fun activity.

Do I need a partner?

No. Square dancers welcome singles as well as couples

How long does it take to learn?

You will be having such a good time the short time it takes to learn will fly by.

Do I need to wear square dance attire?

No, people wear a variety of dress, from casual jeans and T-shirt, to "square dance attire," to prairie skirts, and all styles of dressy and casual clothes. Although as one of our young members puts it, “I dont have to wear square dance clothes, I get to!”

Is it all Western Music?

Modern square dancing incorporates all types of music. Everything from pop to traditional country to Broadway musical to contemporary country music—even rock, Motown, techno and hip-hop.

Are you tempted yet?

You will love it. Exercise the body, stimulate the mind, and make new friends, it is easy and fun!